Annette Lytle

Annette Lytle flexes for the camera before a workout at Anytime Fitness. 

Pounds lost this week: 6

We have survived week 2! However, the hard part has begun with the weekly written updates. I have always said the workouts would be the easiest, the nutrition would be next and the updates and pictures would be the worse.

If you know anything about me I have always been the one behind the camera and don’t like being in front of it. I also am not very good about expressing myself and not thinking that everybody who reads it or sees it is a critic, but here we are.

Week 1 was fun getting back into things. I had been coached through most of my childhood so having a coach back again has been great. There is no second guessing there is just doing it. Bryan has also made a great coach because he does push where is needed and is encouraging during the weak moments so you don’t stop. 

The other thing about having a coach again is that there is security. Six summers ago I took a hit to the head and thankfully the right people were around when it happened that I survived, but it ended in a severe concussion that had me down for quite awhile. There are still times in the past year that I have felt the effects of it and it was one of my excuses to not work out again. I was always worried that if I kept exercising at home I could go down and nobody would know.

However, I also hated exercising in public because again everybody is a critic, at least in my mind. Having Bryan has been a really good security that I know if something happens there is somebody there.

The nutrition continues to be the biggest problem. If I am able to plan ahead things go well, but there have been a few times that being short on time has resulted in some meals that have absolutely killed the nutrition goals. So, there is a lot of room for improvement there. I think we have a lock on the things that need fixed, just trying to plan ahead for the crazy moments that require quick meals is the hard part. I tend to procrastinate so planning ahead has been interesting.

The workouts have been fun so far and a good push on the areas that I really need to work on. Getting back on some equipment that I haven’t touched since school has been entertaining at times, but now most things are pretty natural again.

The first workout had my legs feeling it, but everything seems to be getting pretty comfortable again with the workouts and recovery has been fairly quick. The second week  my kid came down with a bit of the sickness which threw the schedule off a bit, but things are getting better and healthier and looking good for the weeks coming up.

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