Annette Lytle

Annette Lytle flexes for the camera before a workout at Anytime Fitness. 

Week 3 has come and gone! Things had changed a little bit and I was not running around as crazy as the first couple of weeks.

The scale did not move, however this week the non-scale victories have become noticeable and sometimes those are more fun anyways. The jeans that were not quite the right size, but were on sale, now fit properly.

I have more energy to get things done and not feel like I am always stressing out because there is no time to do anything. Things that used to frustrate me have not been a bother as much this week and I just feel better about things in general.

My son had a birthday this week and as crazy as things felt, it still felt like I was mostly in control of everything and making right decisions instead of easy decisions,

Which leads to the nutrition is the part that is changing the most and constantly on my mind. We are using a fitness app to help track this part of it and some of the macros that go into it have really surprised me.

There have been some I have ran across that I figured would be way worse that others and really aren’t as bad as I think and others that you think are better that completely throw the day’s goals away.

Things are getting better, but the take away point this week has also been that being under the day’s goal is just as worse as being way over. I have days that when things get crazy busy that eating is the last thing on my mind and so I don’t end up eating much.

I had a day like that this week and we talked about the fact that can cause the body to go on shutdown thinking it needs to conserve what it has and won’t let go of the fat to keep going on. \

The workouts are still going great and we have introduced some of the harder exercises to start progressing past where we are at. A change-up I felt was kind of needed and causing myself to push harder than I was because I had gotten comfortable with the workouts I was doing.

I have learned that being comfortable usually means that I am not pushing hard enough on the workouts and that could also have affected the plateau this week. Learning that pushing past limits is where I need to be is the next learning curve to retrain my brain.

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