Pounds lost this week: 0.5

Total pounds lost: 12.5

The end is nearing! I am still hovering around where my total goal will be and hopefully over these last 3 weeks we will see it drop down and beat the goal.

This week feels much better than last week even though stress levels have been higher and there have still been some setbacks because of that overall has been a good week and hoping for good things on the scale.

Workouts are still the best portion of the week. Especially when the stress is higher the workouts come easier and make things better. We keep pushing things harder and glad that we have made the jump up.

There were a couple times early on that when Bryan said how long we were doing an exercise or how many reps I kind of looked at him like he was joking because they were huge jumps up from where we had been, but now I just go with it because I asked to be pushed hard and glad that we are doing that. Setting new limits and then crushing those has been a lot of fun.

Still getting used to not being at the same heart rate that my exercise level was at in the beginning, just have to keep hearing that voice telling me it is because we are at a healthier point than we had been in the beginning...by the way that voice is Bryan’s and I am not sure I always believe it!

Nutrition is still the daily battle. Things are easier about making smart choices. Making sure to grab a banana or orange on the way out of the house for a snack instead of all the other stuff I normally could grab, or just going without either.

Pushing to have snacks and smaller meals throughout is the challenge because when I am busy I don’t think food, so that has been a retraining of the mind. Overall the healthier meals have been about a 50/50 slide. Nothing terrible, but at the same time not as well as they could have been.

Stress levels high and energy levels low make for quick meals instead of more healthy ones. Looking forward to seeing good things these last couple weeks though!

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