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Christy Loos

Pounds lost this week:4

People often talk about their lives in terms of chapters - old ones, new ones, good ones, bad ones, etc. I have done the same. In fact, when I first started this challenge, I'll admit, I was tempted to think of it as just another chapter in my life. But then I got to thinking...

Is that really the right way to phrase it?

Is this really just another chapter with another beginning and end?

I certainly hope not. I certainly don't intend for it to be. For me, this is the beginning of new way of life when it comes to my nutrition and exercise. Notice I said nutrition and not diet, because I am NOT dieting. Because again, the word "diet", always seems synonymous with the word "temporary" to me, and this challenge is anything but a temporary thing to me.

Sure, I'll admit it, dieting is so tempting sometimes. The idea of being super strict with everything I eat in order to gain more dramatic results is alluring to me on some level.

But, I know myself. I know I can't realistically live the rest of my life that way, watching every single morsel I consume and completely swearing off everything that I know is less than healthy for me. You see, I'm a hobby baker, that's what I enjoy. I love baking yummy treats to share with my family and friends and I know that's not likely to change. So, instead of making drastic and unrealistic changes, I'm more focused on making small, simple changes that I know I can actually stick with in the long run.

And you know what? It's actually paying off. The scale showed me 4 pounds lighter this week. So, I'm making progress, albeit slow progress. But I remember the childhood story of the tortoise and the hare. I remember that even though the fast sprinting of the hare seemed a sure thing to ensure victory, it was actually the slow and steady progress of the tortoise that won success in the end. So, I'm holding on to that this week, as I inch closer to the finish line over these next 9 weeks.


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