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Courtney Ethridge BEFORE

Courtney Ethridge

Another week has gone by and I finally can say I've lost weight! Yippy! Plus, Bryan measured our waist size again and I'd lost 3 inches despite not having lost a big amount of weight overall.

Bryan keeps us on our toes by increasing our strength training. Although I am usually not happy about it at the time, I'm glad to have Bryan pushing us because weights are something I would not necessarily do on my own.

I'm good with cardio and will do that daily, but given the choice, I would never pick up weights or kettle bells or medicine balls.

Nutrition has been my downfall every week and although I did better this week it continues to be a struggle.

I'm keeping within my calorie goal, but I'm making less than stellar choices. Patrick is shaming me in the nutrition category - he is sticking to plan and doing awesome.

Today, I was so proud of myself because I tricked him into eating a vegetable that he would never normally touch. I fed him riced cauliflower and before he knew it was cauliflower he even told me the rice was good.

That's how I show my love, by trickery. I'm so glad were are doing this together!


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