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Courtney Ethridge BEFORE

Courtney Ethridge

Another week down and I'm feeling good. I don't have my weigh in since we are doing it on Thursday and it's just Wednesday night as I write this, but I'm not basing my success with the fitness challenge only on a number on the scale.

I signed up for the Color Vibe 5K at the end of April. I have been struggling with this Couch to 5K app for weeks. Starting, getting through the first 7 minutes, and quitting. This week, I completed the first week - 3 days of jogging/walking intervals. This is a big deal for me - I don't run.

Our trainer probably barely considers what I've been doing jogging, but I'm moving way faster on the treadmill than I ever have before.

The other big deal this week was on Monday when Bryan told us he wanted us to go the next 10 days giving up sugar - including natural sugar, as in fruit and veggies.

Not all veggies, just the really carb laden ones like corn. I was not happy as I had just completed our shopping and restocked all the fruits for me and Patrick. After I nicely voiced my dismay at wasting all this fruit, he said we could do maybe one serving a day.

Patrick is sticking to this like he does everything - like a champ. I still struggle. I ate my kid's oatmeal this morning; it is not on the no sugar plan.

I've been on my weight loss journey since August 2015, but the Fitness Challenge has helped me so much. It's really made me ramp up my activity level, even when I'm not at the gym. Who ever thought I'd be at the park with my kids doing laps around the playground and step ups on a railroad tie instead of sitting on the bench?

Working out with Bryan has pushed me to do more than I thought I could, especially strength wise. I know that I would not do strength training on my own. I may not be dropping pounds like I had hoped, but I'm happy and healthier than I had been and that's most important.


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