Pounds lost this week: 7.5

Total pounds lost: 15

Another week comes to and end, we had a blizzard with 8 inches of snow, the cold and snow have been more than I have ever seen, be glad when it is over.

I think I am suffering from Harley withdrawal. I will be glad when I can roll the bike out. That being said let me share my week with you.

Met with Brian on Monday, weighed as I had miss weighing on Thursday, I gained 5 pounds. That was hard to take, the weight loss is one of the reasons I joined Anytime Fitness. I was newly diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor told me she thought with some weight loss, exercise, and improvement in my eating habits, perhaps I could control my diabetes with diet.

My blood sugars have been a lot better. But the eating deal continues to be a big obstacle for me.

The diet part of the challenge has been the most difficult for me. I did not realize it would be so difficult. When I was invited to be a part of the challenge I thought the exercise would be the toughest, it has been a challenge but I do better at continuing to improve with that side of things.

The making new food choices has been a hard one. On Facebook the other day my grandmother and I did a quick quiz checking the foods you would eat. My list was a short list. I am hoping the diet will get easier.

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