Pounds lost this week: 4

Total pounds lost: 9

MONDAY: One of the things Bryan doesn’t do is make it boring! Today was a pretty tough strength training day. We did some similar exercises as before, but each one was a little bit different. He had me holding a 35-pound plate above my waist and walking it down to the end of the gym and back in between sets of the compound row machine. That started to be an easy task, but sure didn’t end that way!

WEDNESDAY: Bryan had to educate me a little bit today. On Tuesday, I went to the gym and did some cardio work and also strength training on my lower half. And I messed up Bryan's plans for Wednesday.

He told me it’s not a good idea to work on same muscle groups in consecutive days. When you strength train, you break down your muscle fibers, and those muscles recovering is how they get stronger and bigger.

So, especially in my case, when working with a trainer, always let him/her know what you might have worked on during your non-trainer days. I did find something that I may like worse than the elliptical, circuit training: four or five different exercises that you do for short periods of time with little to no rest in between the different exercises. I was bouncing a medicine ball off the wall for 20 seconds, then immediately planking for 20 seconds, then standing shoulder presses with dumbbells for 20 seconds, then jogging on and off a 6-inch plank, then alternating bicep curls with the dumbbells. After all that, I started another round. So maybe Bryan was just punishing me for messing with his schedule!

THURSDAY: Cardio day was held with Cyndi today since Bryan was gone. I had a break through today! My workout today was not as hard as it has been. It was a very similar cardio day as last week. This is the first time I have really noticed my stamina and endurance is improving. Every day, I feel better, I’m less tired, I have more energy. I can’t wait to see what I am like in the coming weeks and months!

All of this is worth it!