Pounds lost this week: 5

Total lost: 10.5

Okay, so to be honest--this week I weighed myself before weigh in and I shouldn't have done that.

When I did, I hadn't lost any weight and I became very upset with myself. I felt like I had been working so hard.

Well, lesson learned! I should just stay off of there, because I actually did really well! I also just feel really good mentally and physically!

I just keep thinking if I feel better already, I cant imagine how I will feel a few months down the road.

I have been eating really well, making sure I eat plenty of vegetables and fruit.

I have not only made a lot of changes to my diet, but my family has changed their diet as well--not that they have much of a choice at this point. We keep a lot more healthy choices for snacks and drinks in the house.

Brian has added a few challenges to my work out, but I think that is great. If there is no challenge, then there wouldn't be any change right?

Thanks to everyone especially my husband, Dennis for being so supportive!