Pounds lost this week: 4.5

Total pounds lost: 19

If you were to ask me a month ago if I was going to do a 5K, I would have told you that you were crazy.

But I did do it!

I really feel a great sense of accomplishment. Four weeks down, and I am feeling really great and doing really well, I think!

The numbers don't lie.

I am just so thankful for all of the support that I have been shown by everyone! Bryan mixes the workouts up a lot. I am doing a lot of things that I could never do before.

Sometimes, I dread the workout before I go, but I always feel so much better once I leave.

We have gone out to eat a couple of times this week. I really checked out the menu and was sure to stick to something that followed the guidelines I am trying to stick to.

At this point, I am just really proud of myself, and I'm really excited to continue my fitness journey.