Pounds lost this week: 2.5

Total pounds lost: 20.5

This week was a better week than last week. I am down 2.5 pounds and really proud of myself.

I have been working hard with my trainer, Bryan.

Pushing myself farther each workout, I felt really proud of myself. Last night, we went to listen to Tom Osborn speak at the Crossroads Winter Banquet. It included dinner.

Dinner looked really amazing, but there were some items on the menu that I did not think were a good choice for me.

I ended up trading my husband my dinner roll for his green beans, which I thought was a better choice. They also had an amazing desert (cheesecake), and most people that know me, know that I love it!

I only took a nibble of it, but it was enough to satisfy my craving for it. This has been an awesome journey so far, and I can't wait for next week!