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Pounds lost this week: 5.5

This week has gone by pretty fast!

My workouts with Brian have gotten a little more difficult this week, but I have already noticed that I can do a lot more than I could even last week.

Brian is truly encouraging and has taught me quite a few things in just these two weeks.

I don’t have as much anxiety as I did before walking into the gym. I even notice the support from some of the regulars I see when I’m at my workouts and that’s something I really appreciate and certainly didn’t expect.

I have really tried to focus on the foods I am eating and being sure to log everything in My Fitness Pal.

That app is awesome for anyone trying to keep track of what they are eating. I made my goal of going to the gym all 7 days last week!

And I plan on it this week, too. I feel so much better after I’m done, and I feel a sense of accomplishment.


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