The weeks seem to be flying by at an unusually rapid pace and I don’t like it.

This past week was all about pace. We didn’t do anything new during our workouts with Bryan, but the pace was significantly faster. The results proved to be exhausting.

It’s encouraging to go through exercises now that were nearly impossible 10 weeks earlier. With a couple weeks left before the challenge finishes I think all of remaining challengers have the same apprehension. On one hand, we’ve all worked hard and want to be proud of what we’ve accomplished.

On the other hand, it’s scary to think about going forward after the Challenge without a safety net.

That’s exactly the reason that over the years the Fitness Challenge has adapted to be less of a weight loss contest and more about establishing healthy fitness and diet habits that are realistic to follow for a lifetime.

We won’t always have trainers checking what we ate or watching over our shoulder to make sure we’re giving our all. It’s up to each of us to learn from this challenge and the future is truly in our hands.

Again, that’s a little scary, but we’re all far better equipped to go down that road now than we were 10 weeks ago.

As our trainer, Bryan Seibel, keeps reminding us, we are making great strides and moving in the right direction.

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