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Patrick Ethridge BEFORE

Patrick Ethridge

It’s been said that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Unfortunately, sugar doesn’t help the scale numbers go down.

For that reason, this week our trainer issued a new challenge for us: Eliminate sugar from our diet for 10 days.

Our trainer, Bryan Seibel, has been stressing the importance of a good nutrition plan since we began this challenge. While we’ve mostly controlled our calories, we oftentimes resort to protein bars and processed foods to get those calories. Care to guess what protein bars and processed food have lots of? Yep, they are high in carbs and sugars.

I have a drawer full of protein bars in my office that tempt me every day. Even most of the salad dressings on the shelf are high in sugars. And who eats salad without dressing?

Along with the stricter diet I feel like we’ve kicked our workouts into high gear this week. I tend to judge a workout by how drenched my shirt is at the end. By that measurement, we had our best workouts of the challenge this week. The scale agreed and I dropped another three pounds.

I have so far to go that it’s intimidating to think about. As I was finishing weighing in this week a friendly observer congratulated me on the 3 pound loss and reminded me that if I lost just 2 pounds per week that’s over 100 pounds in a year.

That reminded me of one of Bryan’s favorite sayings, “you can do so much more than you think you’re capable of.”

I’m starting to believe it.


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