I’ve been asked a lot in the last week if I’m glad the Fitness Challenge is coming to an end.

Truth is, I’m not.

We plan to keep going to Anytime Fitness and I’m certain we’ll still be contact with our trainer, Bryan, on a regular basis. But it won’t be the same. The accountability of the Fitness Challenge is a key ingredient for many. Soon, no one will be watching if we blow our diet or skip a couple workouts.

My challenge won’t end, but it’s certainly about to change and become a little more treacherous.

This was a good week of workouts. On Wednesday Bryan pitted Courtney and I against each other in a “battle of the sexes.” It was basically an obstacle course and the winner received a first place ribbon while second place had to live with the shame of a second place ribbon.

My wife had a mishap with a medicine ball that allowed me to claim the victory. But the real win came in the form of another 3 pounds lost on the scale. Weigh-ins are a bittersweet moment for me – as I’m always excited and proud to see the number shrink – but that little voice in my head constantly reminds me that there’s no time to celebrate because there’s still a long road ahead.

I really can’t say enough positive things about our experience this year. Bryan is truly a stand-up guy and I remain thankful and impressed that he’s always willing to adjust the workout to something that is realistic, challenging and sometimes even fun.

With the end near, I keep thinking of ways to measure how successful this challenge has been: Earlier in the week my wife took our children for a bike ride down the trail and they got tired before she did. Not too long ago one of my boys and I spent half a day outside making fence and I didn’t need to sit down for a break. Not to mention the colossal Nerf battles we’ve had as of late. These are little things that probably don’t seem like much to most people, but I assure you they can be quite fulfilling moments.

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