When it comes to my wife and I, we’re a lot like an apple pie.

In that scenario, I’m the crust, an important piece of the pie that keeps everything in order, but certainly not anyone’s favorite. Nobody ever says “wow, I can’t wait to taste that crust!”

Courtney, she’s the fruit filling, the warm and sweet part that everyone loves. I never aspired to be crust, but it’s my role.

Yet, when it comes to healthy lifestyle choices, neither of us have enough crust in our life. We both work full-time (my wife on nights), and with twin kindergarteners trying their hands at taekwondo, motocross and other projects, it oftentimes feels like there are not enough hours in the day.

So we make bad choices when it comes to food.

Fortunately, we made one really good choice: To participate in this year’s Fitness Challenge.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already sore all over and dreading the next training session. But I’ll keep dragging myself to the gym because I know how badly I need this for myself and for my family.

It helps having Courtney around. A pie crust just isn't much good without the filling. Or maybe I just have pie on the brain. 

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