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Taylor McCabe

Pounds lost this week: 4

It's that time of week again, time to sit back and reflect on the previous days/week workouts and days in between. Last week I wrote about how I was a little discouraged with my scale readings. Even after what I felt were intense workouts and a complete change in diet I felt like I was still doing something wrong.

Since my last blog, I started to cross the line and become that person who is obsessed with the scale and what it says. I started weighing myself multiple times a day (always hoping it would show some tremendous loss ) and each time I'd see the same thing as before.

BUT, I also noticed some positive changes, I began to feel guilty if I couldn't make it to the gym every single night. For me, someone who would of always made up a reason why it was okay to miss, found it quite weird to now be feeling these new "emotions". I also noticed my love for veggies coming back, and caught myself actually planning healthy meals for the week rather than living day by day.

Monday night I went to meet with Tyson for our workout only to be surprised we would be doing body comp and a workout. As he hooked me up the machine and began reading the numbers it was giving him, I noticed he would raise his brow, I assumed in concern. Finally he smiled and said this is great!

I followed him to print the results and as we sat and discussed them they really were great! I learned and saw that in 12 days I had lost 4% of my body fat, and lost 11.3 pounds.... but why wasn't it showing on the scale? I had gained 8 pounds of muscle as well!

Here right in my hands was proof, proof that I have been doing something right, and that it's working! I was ecstatic! The workout that followed was a good one and I woke up the next morning ready and determined to keep doing what I had been doing, and then some. I told myself to stop worrying about the scale and cut my weigh ins at home way down.

I also set some new goals to follow on my Fitbit and in the gym. I can't say again how thankful i am for Tyson and my partner Christy for pushing me to that next level. I'm more than ready to kick this weight to the curb and embrace the new me that's starting to unfold!


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