Beatrice Public Schools has nearly 40 staff members that are Beatrice Public Schools alumni.

Jenna Larsen, a second-grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary said that it shows a lot about the kind of school system Beatrice has since they have so many students come back to teach.

“To stay where you grow up means you want to be there,” Larsen said.

Joan Doyle-Workman, Beatrice High School’s social studies teacher, said she never really thought much about where she would end up after college but she realized that she enjoyed Beatrice.

Doyle-Workman said that she was in the mindset of coming back. In the end, it worked out for her.

Doyle-Workman credits her teachers for her career path, specifically Steph Perkins. Perkins was Doyle-Workman’s physical education teacher. Because Doyle-Workman loved her class so much, she decided to major in both P.E. and social studies.

“I just saw the love that she had for the kids and the education and Beatrice,” Doyle-Workman said.

She knew she wanted to end back up in Beatrice. Doyle-Workman helped lead study halls for a while and also helped coach the school's volleyball team.

Then Doyle-Workman was offered a job in Lewiston and taught there for a year until Beatrice called her to offer her the head coach position with the Beatrice volleyball team.

Doyle-Workman has been working for Beatrice since 1992 and has coached both volleyball and tennis for Beatrice High School and Middle School. She recently decided to end her coaching career to be able to watch her son play football and now supervises the weight room in the fall.

Larsen decided to come back to Beatrice from a school in Missouri after she student taught and did long-term substitution at Stoddard Elementary. Larsen then heard of an opportunity to work at Stoddard. She applied, along with 800 other applicants.

“I was told that there was 800 applicants for my job, so I felt pretty lucky to get this job because that’s a lot of people trying to get this job,” she said.

Larsen had been teaching at Stoddard up until the grade shifts at the school. Larsen is now in her first year working at Lincoln Elementary. Larsen said the main reason she decided to come back to Beatrice was because this was where her family was. Larsen’s family has a long line of Beatrice Public School alumni.

“My parents went to Beatrice, actually my parents and my grandparents, and a lot of my cousins too,” Larsen said.

Both Larsen and Doyle-Workman have become colleagues with their former teachers. Larsen’s coworker, Mary Camacho-Cook, was Larsen’s second-grade teacher.

“Mrs. Cook was my second-grade teacher, who is one of my coworkers," and the kids always think that is hilarious," Larsen said. "So it’s kind of fun that these kids, I’ll say ‘I had Mrs. Cook for second grade,’ and they are like ‘no way,’” Larsen said.

Beatrice Public School’s has continued to draw in multiple generations of alumni to become teachers in Beatrice and continue on the legacy of loving education.

“I like the town; I loved my education,” Doyle-Workman said, “I loved my teachers; I loved the school system.”

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