If you look in the trunk of your car right now, you may find a broken umbrella, a few unwashed sweaters, a pair of boots, sports gear, a crusty gym bag, and some empty water bottles. Our trunks tend to collect junk, but if you’re trying to get everything in order, this collapsible trunk organizer from Trunk Crate Pro will help keep everything in place.


The Trunk Crate Pro works in cars, trucks, SUVs, and mini-vans. The heavy-duty material is water and abrasion resistant, and stands the test of time. Bungee holes on the side make it easy to tie down the organizer and keep delicate items from sliding during travel. The organizer is also collapsible, so you can fold and store it under the seat if you need to haul bigger items in your trunk.


The Trunk Crate Pro comes with multiple, adjustable compartments and a convenient bottle section. Whether you’re carting home delicate groceries (like bread, eggs, or glass bottles), or need to store children’s toys and snacks during a trip to visit extended family, this organizer can be customized to suit your needs. The organizer is perfect for storing sports gear, so your kids will never forget their shin guards or cleats at home.

Why Customers Love It

This highly rated trunk organizer won over fans with the large size, adjustable compartments, and solid construction. Families with kids and campers loved the way this organizer kept supplies easily accessible, and grocery shoppers saved themselves the headache of rolling cans and crushed eggs.

Trunk Crate Pro Collapsible Portable Organizer available from Amazon