There's probably no one more difficult to shop for than your favorite fashionista. Well, this year, ditch that despair for some savoir faire because  —  just in time for the holidays  —  the most popular global fashion trends on Instagram for 2017 have been revealed.

And, it's no wonder you never came close to couture-gift bingo. Check out THIS bananas research: Utilizing the hashtag #OOTD (outfit of the day) — trust us; your friend uses it  —  fashion brand Long Tall Sally worked with trends expert Geraldine Wharry to track street styles and local influencers around the world. Then, those trends were crossed-referenced with Instagram data over 12 months, monitoring the use of hashtags around each of the trends – with the most frequently used being named as the number one trend of 2017 for that country. 

We're not exactly sure what that means because it sounds like there is math involved, but — judging by the ZOMG-WE-DIE-SO-CUTE faux fur colored coats alone?  She's gonna freak...and you're gonna be fine. 



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