Beatrice Area of Retired School Personnel 

The Beatrice Area of Retired School Personnel met for a meeting and a Valentino’s luncheon on Wednesday, September 24. Jackie Nielsen, Assistant Superintendent of Beatrice Public Schools, presented information on the curriculum and testing within the school district.

Dedicated teachers are still teaching the fundamentals and basics required for students to succeed. However, the state’s standards have made the curriculum more rigorous and the teachers and students have responded accordingly. Webb’s Depth of Knowledge helps teachers evaluate and meet the goals created in the standards. It is desired that students achieve learning at the highest levels, three or four, on Webb’s scale. These levels incorporate tasks with multiple valid responses with students justifying their responses, analyzing, and designing an experiment. At the highest level of learning, tasks involve the most complex cognitive effort. Students synthesize information, transfer knowledge from one domain to another, analyze multiple texts and themes in literature and writing. All areas of the arts are involved in reaching the desirable state standards. Recently, science teachers working with the state have developed the science standards. These standards are three dimensional and contain cross cutting concepts, science and engineering technology, and energy, earth and human activity. Teacher’s meet weekly in grade level or curriculum teams to review and evaluate the curriculum being taught. The state standards are updated every seven years and include career and college readiness.

All grades, kindergarten through 12th, are required to include one hour of patriotism a week. Civic requirements may include researching and writing a paper, a citizenship test, and conducting an interview and presenting in a paper.

Computer Science has been added to the curriculum. Special areas of technology include esports which involves gaming competitions with other schools. Gaming has created new career opportunities for students.

Career Education is conducted in cooperation with Southeast Community College and includes areas of welding, medicine, culinary arts plus many more.

The preschool program addresses the needs of three and four year olds in Beatrice. About 70% of the 200+ preschool students are on free and reduced lunches. More than 95% of students entering kindergarten have had preschool experiences.

Eighteen members and two guests attended the meeting. Members contributed 901 volunteer hours in the past two months. Each hour is worth $25.43. A check was received for $22,912.43.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, Nov. 20 at Valentinos.

Torchbearer Zeta

A cold and rainy October evening found Torchbearer Zeta members surrounded by the warmth and love of Sisterhood, as they were hosted by Marsha Young for a program, business meeting, dessert, and the fun entertainment of a "co-host"...a tabby cat named Fireball. Marsha's daughter and husband, Michelle and Jon Kelch, were guests. Jon shared his wealth of knowledge of the Hendrix Genetics Company. Their mission statement “Better Breeding Today, for a Brighter Life Tomorrow” is fully apparent in their immaculate, precise, bio-secure, global operation. Headquartered in Boxmeer, in the Netherlands, with a home base in Canada, with facilities in 24 countries, they opened their Beatrice plant a little over two years ago, of which Jon is manager.

Every week, the eggs come in by the thousands. 28 days from the time that turkey eggs are brought into the facility, 18,000 to 24,000 are hatched and ready to leave. Because of the strict bio-secure environment, the turkeys are disease free, and therefore all natural with no hormones. The most recent hatching was scheduled to leave Beatrice and go to the county of Ecuador. 9 out of 10 of the Butterball Turkeys on Thanksgiving dinner tables, are the offspring of the turkeys hatched in this amazing operation.

Chari Stanley has received our Chapter Roster, which shows that each member currently hold the degree which they are eligible for.

Bev Weishahn has contacted Karen Mains to schedule a time for our chapter to label bags for the Community Food Pantry & Emergency Services Annual Food Drive.

Chari Stanley will host members Oct. 15 at 5:45 for dinner at the 418, followed by the business meeting.

Torchbearer Beta

Alnora Daubendiek was hostess for the September 26th meeting of Torchbearer Beta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi.

The evening began with President Linda Lawler presiding over the business meeting. She noted the Chapter received a "three star" rating certificate from the International Office in Kansas City, KS for fulfilling the expectations of the organization. All chapter committees reported in with updated ideas for the 2019-2020 sorority year with Ways and Means leaning toward stocking the "cleaning cloths" which are great for use on windows etc. Service committee thought the holidays would be in order with helping local folks. Social committee has the year planned but new ideas are always welcome.

The program for the evening was presented by Alnora who gave a history lesson on Andrew (Jackson) Higgins from Columbus. due to this being the 75th anniversary of D-Day. He helped win the war by designing and building the landing craft (over 20,000 vessels) in New Orleans that carried our soldiers onto beaches for surprise attacks. Andrew J Higgins is honored in Nebraska, the United States and overseas for his contributions to the war effort. This information was found in the "Humanities" publication

Lyn Scheiding gave a review of Beta Sigma Phi. 

Odell Cookies 4H Club

The Odell Cookies 4H Club met on Sunday, Sept. 8 at the Odell Park. Refreshments were provided by Berkelee Beekman and Melina & Kate Kostal. The Club went out to pick up trash along the road. The Club worked hard to finish their Record Books by the Oct. 1 deadline so they can meet their goal.

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