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Nebraska agriculture besieged by flood, trade, property tax hits

Battered by billion-dollar hits from U.S. trade policy and historic storm damage, all piled on top of high property taxes and low farm commodity prices, Nebraska agriculture is reeling.

'Change we've never seen before' — Long-term time-lapse project captures river's quick rise

ASHLAND — They designed these camera systems to survive on their own for years, because the creators of the Platte Basin Timelapse project decided to take a long view.

'Numb to it' — Farm family moves forward despite dead cows, beach where their field used to be

RICHLAND — Before that morning, all of the farmer’s cows were still alive, and not decaying downstream.


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Cindy Lange-Kubick: Nebraska Mother of the Year, giving back through her grief

When the mail arrived and she saw the envelope — To the Parents of Spencer Konecky — the mother paused.

Gage County residents urge lawmakers to expand option for paying Beatrice 6 judgment

Gage County will pay roughly $3.8 million a year for the better part of a decade to six people wrongfully convicted of a 1985 murder in Beatrice.

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