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More often than not, a cat’s fur is soft to the touch, and petting a feline has proven positive physiological effects. With different lengths, textures, colors and patterns, a cat’s coat can be captivating and alluring.

While knowing which cats are hypoallergenic is helpful for those with pet allergies, being aware of how frequently a particular cat breed sheds is important for those with busy schedules who don’t have the time to groom their feline, vacuum their home, or want to be bothered with having a lint roller in close proximity at all times.

With data compiled from TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) and PetBreeds, here are the 23 cat breeds that shed the most. As fluffy as these kitties are, you might not want to choose one of these breeds if you fit the above description. Cat breeds are sorted by average user rating, from lowest to highest.

#23. Kurilian Bobtail

With origins tracing to the Russian Island of Sakhalin and to the Kuril Islands, the Kurlian bobtail is an incredibly rare breed. Each cat’s tail is as distinct and one-of-a-kind as a human fingerprint. Its gorgeous tabby-patterned coat can be either long or short, and requires frequent grooming to maintain its beautiful form.

#22. British Longhair

Famously known as the Cheshire Cat in "Alice in Wonderland," the British longhair is an adorable cherub-faced wonder. Its plush fur and dense coat will make you want to pet this affectionate feline for hours.

#21. Cymric

Cymrics are known for their lack of a tail, roundness and playful nature. With a heavy undercoat and plush, silky fur, a moderate amount of grooming will keep this shorthaired cat in top-notch shape.

#20. Oriental Longhair

Originating in 1960s England, the oriental longhair is a cat that is highly devoted to people and loves companionship. Although it sheds constantly, its long, bi-color coat requires minimal grooming.

#19. European Burmese

The medium-sized, shorthaired European Burmese is a highly intelligent and inquisitive creature. This cat comes in a wider array of colors than its North American counterpart.

#18. Himalayan

The Himalayan is essentially a Persian but has pointed coloring, meaning a solid, pale fur in the center with darker-colored extremities. These laid-back felines have a long, fluffy double coat that comes in colors such as cream, lilac, and blue and require frequent grooming.

#17. Coupari

Also known as the longhair or highland fold, the coupari has irresistible folded ears and plush coats. Its sweet nature and playful spirit makes it a wonderful family companion. Its resilient fur and light undercoat, however, requires frequent grooming.

#16. American Polydactyl

As their name implies, American polydactyls can have up to seven toes on each foot with a max of twenty-eight toes total. These rare felines have glossy coats that can be either long or short in a plethora of colors. To minimize hairballs and excessive fur on furniture, regular grooming is recommended.

#15. Persian

One of the most ancient cat breeds, the persian has a one-of-a-kind pansy-like face, round, copper eyes and full cheeks. The most popular cat breed in the world, they are known for their long, luxurious coats that are perfect for petting.

#14. Ocicat

The exotic-looking, spotted ocicat was bred to look like ocelot wild cats. These strong cats have short coats that come in several colors such as brown, lilac, and fawn, and have minimal grooming requirements.

#13. Tonkinese

A blend of the siamese and Burmese, tonkinese cats are friendly and warm. These plush felines have fur that comes in different colors such as seal, blue, fawn, and cream, and patterns such as mink, pointed, and solid. Cats of this breed who live in colder climates will have darker color fur, while those who live in warmer weather have fur that is a lighter color.

#12. Oriental Shorthair

Known as the “rainbow cat,” oriental shorthairs have a sleek coat that comes in roughly 300 colors and patterns. Although they shed frequently, they require minimal grooming. These slender cats have heart-shaped faces, large ears and love to play.

#11. Toyger

Developed from the Bengal and other cat species, the toyger looks like a miniature tiger and mimics its namesake’s vertical stripes and intense eyes. Its thick, dense, and soft fur makes it a pleasure to hold and pet.

#10. Chartreux

Originating in France, the chartreux is regarded as a French national symbol. It is one of few breeds with a wooly coat that comes in only grey-blue. This rare, quiet breed has a hard, water-repellent top coat and dense, soft undercoat.

#9. Egyptian Mau

Heavily depicted in ancient Egyptian art, the Egyptian mau is an elegant cat known for its agility and speed. This regal feline has gorgeous short, silky fur with spots on the edge of its coat. This shorthaired breed has minimal grooming requirements.

#8. Ragamuffin

With their large, expressive eyes, beautiful ragamuffins have a gentle nature and are famous cuddlers. Their glossy, plush coats are medium-long and come in a variety of patterns and colors.

#7. Pixie-Bob

Muscular and built, pixie-bobs look like miniature versions of bobcats and have shortened tails. Their thick double coat comes in two lengths and in different shades of brown.

#6. Exotic Shorthair

With its short nose and big eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love with the exotic shorthair. The short hair version of the Persian, its fur was originally intended to be silver but now comes in different colors.

#5. Chantilly

You’d be lucky to come across this rare breed. You’ll find the chantilly’s long, silky coat, which most commonly comes in brown, is wonderful to run your fingers through. Regular grooming is recommended for this beautiful breed.

#4. American Bobtail

Frequently used in psychotherapy, the American bobtail is a smart, sensitive and loving family cat. Their coats can come in a wide range of lengths, colors, and patterns, and are not specific to the breed. Depending on their coat length, the level of grooming required can vary from slight to moderate.

#3. American Shorthair

Coveted during the Gold Rush for their rat-hunting abilities, the American shorthair is an adaptable breed suitable for a variety of households. Its short, lustrous coat can come in roughly 80 different colors and patterns.

#2. Ragdoll

Endearingly called “puppy cats” as they are known to follow on the heels of their owners from room to room, ragdoll cats are famous for their sleek, soft coats, which are low maintenance and make them a joy to pet.

#1. Maine Coon

The only cat breed to have developed in Maine, the Maine coon has silky, soft fur and a thick tail. One of the most popular breeds, adults have a three-layer coat with coloring from white to black, and different tabby patterns.



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