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A current member of the Gage County Board of Supervisors will serve the area on the state legislature next year.

Republican Myron Dorn bested Democrat Don Schuller, 62, a farmer and conservation surveyor from near Wymore to serve as the District 30 representative.

Dorn received 7,864 unofficial votes compared to Schuller’s 6,971 votes.

In Gage County, Dorn finished with 4,278 votes while Schuller had 3,688. Lancaster County voters also favored Dorn, where he garnered 3,586 votes and Schuller had 3,283.

Throughout the campaign, what role the state should play in paying the $28.1 million ruling against Gage County in the Beatrice 6 case.

While other options are explored, the County Board voted earlier this year to raise property taxes to the legal limit as it anticipates paying the judgment in favor of six people wrongfully convicted a woman in Beatrice more than 30 years ago.

Dorn said discussing the issue at the state level will be his top priority.

“As I visited with state senators through this election process, generally we would always talk about that and what could possibly be done in the legislature,” Dorn said. “There are two bills right now that are both going to be reintroduced. I think it would be really important, also if we could have something from the County Board that would go up there it would show the senators some part of that process and that we need to get something else done besides property taxes.”

Dorn, a 64-year-old farmer from near Adams, had campaigned on the idea of raising sales taxes in order to lower property taxes, and had called for a comprehensive review of tax exemptions.

He added the race was a clean one, and that campaigning for a larger area was a very different experience.

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“That was a whole lot different because with a County Board seat you just have the one area,” he said. “This was basically 10 times as many votes. That was a learning curve and the county seat you didn’t really have a lot of help. The learning curve here was how to have other people involved and help you coordinate that to work.”

Dorn’s seat on the County Board will be held by Republican Eddie Dorn, who received 59 percent of votes to represent the county’s first district. Dorn received 805 votes to Democrat Paul Weber’s 552 votes.

Voters in Nebraska's District 32 legislative race swapped incumbent Sen. Laura Ebke Tuesday for farmer and livestock feeder Tom Brandt, who emphasized the need for lowering property taxes.

It also seemed to matter to many of them to try again to send a Republican to the officially nonpartisan Legislature to represent them.

They did that in 2014 with Ebke, but she switched parties to become a Libertarian in 2016, after Gov. Pete Ricketts called out fellow Republicans who didn't always vote along party lines. Ebke said that was just one reason for the change.

Brandt, 58, campaigned on broadening the sales tax base to decrease property taxes, especially for the agriculture sector.


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