Beatrice students UNL Cheer Squad

Kaela Meyer, left, and Jadyn Huenink pose for a picture during a Husker Football game. The Beatrice High School alumnae are members of the Husker cheer squad.

Two Beatrice High School alumnae might have one of the best views in Memorial Stadium on Husker game days - right on the sideline, cheering on their team.

Junior Kaela Meyer and freshman Jadyn Huenink both graduated from Beatrice High School and are now members of the Husker cheer squad.

Both of them chose to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for different reasons, but joined the cheer squad for their shared love of cheering.

“It has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and I knew that I had to at least give it a shot when I went off to school,” Meyer said.

Meyer did not make the team her first year but her hard work and dedication to cheer paid off. She said it has made her appreciate everything a little more.

Huenink’s story is a little different - she made the squad her freshman year. Even at high school, Huenink’s talent helped her excel.

“I made the (high school) varsity squad my freshman year and that is where it all started,” Huenink said.

Her determination to be better propelled her to become part of the Cheer Xpress cheer squad in Lincoln, as well.

Both Huenink and Meyer chose to attend UNL for reasons other than the cheer squad. Huenink said that she was raised a Husker fan so it felt right for her to attend UNL. Meyer said that it was a sense of home.

“I chose UNL because of all the great traditions this school takes pride in and for the completely at-home feeling I had whenever I visited,” Meyer said.

Both of the girls love being a part of the cheer squad at UNL and hearing the excitement from the game day crowd - moments that make Meyer's “heart explode with happiness.”

“There was one time a little girl told me that I was ‘just like Rapunzel’ and that ‘she wants to be just like me someday’ and I was so flattered I could’ve cried,” Meyer said.

Both Huenink and Meyer love being able to do what they love for thousands of fans during game days.  They both agree that it gives them a sense of happiness.

“I thank God every single day that I have the opportunity to bring other people happiness by doing something that I love and that I’m passionate about,” Meyer said.

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