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A Beatrice man was sentenced to 36 months probation on Wednesday after being charged for making terroristic threats and for attempted domestic violence.

Alan F. Volner Jr., 30, was arrested in March of 2017 and spent 328 days in the Gage County Detention Center. Volner arrived in court on Wednesday wearing an orange jumpsuit and he was shackled in handcuffs and leg irons.

His arrest followed an altercation with his girlfriend last year during which police were called on a report of a man running around naked and swearing.

During the incident, the caller said Volner had allegedly cut his girlfriend, and that she was at a neighbor's residence nearby.

Officers went to the address and found Volner in his residence, naked, holding a board that was nearly two feet long.

Volner eventually agreed to put on clothes and speak with officers.

Court documents state he said there was an argument with the victim and he broke a bottle, but denied cutting her.

Gage County Court documents state broken glass was found in the room.

Volner allegedly struck the victim with a board, causing a bruise on her right arm, and a five-inch bruise was observed on the victim.

He then allegedly broke the glass bottle and attempted to stab the victim in the chest and stomach.

Volner allegedly said he was going to kill the victim and then himself.

He didn’t deny that he broke the bottle, but said that while he was angry and upset, he did not attack the victim physically.

“I'd like to say for the record that I'm sorry for how I allowed myself, in that situation, that to happen,” Volner told Gage County District Court Judge Rick Schreiner.

Schreiner, who said he’d seen Volner in front of him several times before, said that prison wouldn’t help to solve Volner’s mental illness problems. Those, he said, could only be worked on by Volner.

“I think it's a result of you not taking responsibility for your mental illness,” Schreiner said. “You don't take it seriously and you just want to get paid and party and that's got to stop. Because, if it doesn't, I will send you to prison.”

Volner said he had been researching jobs from prison and also that the judge would not be disappointed in him.

The judge sentenced Volner to 36 months of probation and instructed him to keep a copy of the conditions of his probation on his person as a reminder.

“I understand you have mental illness,” Schreiner said. “That does not make you incapable of being a contributing member of society. You just have to decide whether you want to be that or you just want to spend your life high, drunk and stupid. Because that's what you do.”


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