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Sears Hometown Store in Beatrice will close on Jan. 12. The store is located at 1200 N. Sixth St.

A Beatrice retail store will close its doors in January.

Sears Hometown Store will close on Jan. 12.

Nationally, Sears has made headlines in recent months for closing several stores as it works through bankruptcy.

However, Beatrice store manager Jonathan Davis said the location isn’t closing due to bankruptcy, but because the store is without an owner.

“Sears Hometown stores are a different corporation than the Sears Holding mall stores,” he said. “It just happens to be around the same time, so I could see where the confusion would be. Corporate looked for a buyer for more than a year and a half and couldn’t find anybody with interest, so they decided to shut the store down.

“If there’s ever interest in opening the market back up, this market will be available if someone wants to put in a Sears Hometown franchise.”

Davis said the store hasn’t been able to find an owner since the retirement of Gene Searcey, who took over the store eight years ago.

Davis has been with the store at 1200 N. Sixth St. for around eight years and is one of five employees.

He said the store’s inventory will be marked down in stages leading up to Jan. 12, and thanked the customers who helped keep Sears in business over the years.

“We helped Gene build this to a very nice store,” Davis said. “We got to know a lot of people. It was a good adventure for the time that it was. I learned a lot and I’ll take that experience on and go from there. It’s been a pleasure for the years I’ve been here.”

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