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Middle school

The Beatrice high school and middle school were placed on lockout Thursday after police were notified of a potentially threatening message posted by a student.

A Beatrice High School student was taken to the Lancaster County Juvenile Detention Center after allegedly posting a threatening message on social media.

Beatrice Police Chief Bruce Lang said the 16-year-old male student posted a photo of himself on the social media platform Snapchat with the caption, “The next school shooter.”

Police found the special education student and searched his residence, but did not find any weapons.

“We sent officers to find this individual and they did a search of where he was staying,” Lang said. “They did not uncover any weapons to speak of. He does have a history of making these type of comments, and in fact has been expelled in another district for bringing a gun to school.”

When authorities became aware of the post, the middle and high schools were placed on a lockout.

Authorities put the schools on lockout because the incident occurred at around 5 p.m., after school was dismissed for the day.

Lang said after school practices were in session and allowed to continue, while police monitored the entrances of the two buildings and only allowed selected people inside.

Beatrice Public School alerted parents of the incident on Friday morning, saying the lockout lasted for around 40 minutes and commending law enforcement for a quick response.

“We were still waiting on some information with it,” Nauroth said. “It was quite a bit later as things came about. Law enforcement determined that no further precautions were needed. We were in lock out for about 40 minutes, but it felt like we needed to at least get something out to staff and families this morning so they were aware of what had gone on.”

Lang added that the department takes such threats seriously, and advised people to be mindful of what they post on social media.

“In this particular case, this was a person who made a comment that was perceived to be threatening,” Lang said. “If you do that, we’re going to take that seriously. I think any jurisdiction would take that seriously and take action on that threat. My advice to people would be to not do that, and certainly coming back later and saying ‘just kidding’ or ‘I didn’t mean it’ isn’t going to carry the day.”

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