A Beatrice woman convicted of selling methamphetamine to a confidential informant working with police will be sentenced in January.

Amber D. Pedersen, 28, pleaded guilty to a charge of distributing methamphetamine in one case, and admitted to violating probation in another, meaning she will be resentenced for two charges of possession of a controlled substance.

She appeared in Gage County District Court Thursday, where Judge Julie Smith set sentencing in both cases for Jan. 4.

In the most recent case, Pedersen is charged with distribution of methamphetamine following an investigation dating back to April 2016.

A Nebraska State Patrol confidential informant was provided with $100 in undercover drug funds. The funds were used to purchase methamphetamine from Pedersen.

In the other case, she was previously sentenced to 36 months probation for two possession charges, one of which was reduced from a distribution charge as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

When she was sentenced to probation in April, District Court Judge Rick Schreiner said Pedersen had failed to meet with probation officers in the past, which wasn’t reassuring that she would successfully complete a term of probation.

The possession charges were each class 4 felonies, and Schreiner said the legislature has determined that class 4 felonies should come with a presumption of probation, unless certain stipulations are met.

She was arrested last September in that case, following an investigation by Beatrice police where confidential informants told officers she was selling methamphetamine.

Officers approached her as she was exiting her vehicle at the Gage County Courthouse, and she said she had something on her.

Court documents state Pedersen pulled two baggies out of her bra which contained a total of 8.4 grams of methamphetamine.

Syringes, scales, cash and more drugs were found inside the vehicle.