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A Blue Springs man was sentenced to prison Wednesday after failing to appear for his previous sentencing hearing in August.

Jeremy D. Mick, 36, was arrested on a warrant after missing his hearing on Aug. 15.

On Wednesday, District Court Judge Rick Schreiner sentenced Mick to two years in prison for possession of a controlled sentence and another two years for attempted assault on an officer. The two sentences will be served consecutively, totaling a four-year prison sentence followed by another year of post-release supervision.

He was also fined $100 for a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mick is also accused of violating his probation in another case, with a hearing set for Dec. 5. Schreiner said Mick’s ongoing issues with probation and high-risk factors that were indicated on a pre-sentence investigation report were factors in the sentence.

“I think you were high-risk to begin with on probation and you committed this offense while you were on probation,” he said. “I gave you a chance at probation...My hope was that you would do well on probation. It looks like you’ve done nothing but commit another offense.”

Deputy Gage County attorney Justin Huber said in the other case, Mick had not taken probation seriously and would have been unlikely to do so if given a chance at probation in Wednesday’s case.

“He has been almost totally non-compliant with that probation order,” Mick said. “He has not been attending intensive outpatient treatment as directed. He has missed 40 drug tests, refused three drug tests, had four positive drug tests and tampered with one test and then failed to report for sanctions on that probation order.”

Mick was arrested after Gage County deputies assisted U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force to locate another man with an active warrant.

Authorities learned the individual with an active warrant was associated with Mick, and contacted him at his residence.

Mick said the fugitive was not there and authorities contacted the homeowner, who granted permission to search the rest of the residence.

Court documents state that once they had permission, Mick quickly moved to the stairs and ignored orders to stop.

He was detained, and authorities searched the upstairs. Court documents state there was a large piece of glass on which suspected methamphetamine was sitting, in addition to two glass smoking devices.

Clear baggies and a scale were also found. Mick was also found to have drug paraphernalia in a front pocket.

While being escorted out of the residence, Mick allegedly kicked a U.S. Marshal.

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