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The Beatrice City Council approved the Board of Public Works’ plan to conduct a traffic analysis at 19th and Lincoln streets in Beatrice.

During its Monday meeting, city administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer said a problem arose when a windstorm knocked down the sign indicating "no right turn on red light" on Lincoln St.

“We put them back up on the poles around there,” Tempelmeyer said. “People noticed that when they pulled up that they couldn’t see those signs anymore. When you pull up to the crosswalks you can’t really see the stoplight, either.”

Tempelmeyer said the Board of Public Works is unsure what the best solution would be, hence Olsson Associates will do a traffic analysis.

“Rather than jumping into it, let’s take some time, have somebody who’s an expert study traffic movement at the intersection and then come back and make some recommendations to us,” Tempelmeyer said.

Tempelmeyer said they also want to analyze 19th Street to see what the best traffic solution is there.

“Unofficially, there’s a turn lane there. If you get far enough you can sneak by the car next to you, but it doesn’t have the proper width, it doesn’t have the proper stacking distance,” Tempelmeyer said.

Tempelmeyer said if Olsson Associates recommended having a turn lane there, the BPW would then go through the process of making an official turn lane.

The cost of the analysis is $15,000, which will come out of the street department budget due to the intersection not being part of the state highway.

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