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Name, Title, Yearly salary

Linda S Koch, City Clerk/Asst Treasurer $59,633.60

Gregory A. Butcher, City Attorney $64,001.60

Gerald W Lamkin, Police Captain $64,292.80

Bruce E Lang, Police Chief $86,424.00

Michael L Oliver, Police Lieutenant $59,716.80

Brian D Daake, Fire Chief $72,841.60

John H Carrel, Fire Prevention Inspector $59,612.80

Jeremy D Rosenthal, Landfill Superintendent $38,542.40

Mark D Pethoud, Director Public Properties $51,688.00

Laureen F Riedesel, Library Director $64,292.80

Carolyn B Baker, Librarian II $46,654.40

Carolyn L Bennett, Librarian I $42,328.00

Diana L Smith, Airport Manager $53,872.00

Tobias J. Tempelmeyer, City Administrator/BPW Manager $119,350.40

Janet A. Byars, BPW Office Manager $45,423.56

Ronald Baete, Street Superintendent $64,920.96

Steven Kelley, Water Superintendent $64,920.96

Christopher M. Lindell, Electronic Sys. Analyst $50,366.68

Jack Robbins, WPC Superintendent $57,474.04

Norman McConnell, Info Technology Coordinator $67,530.58

Patrick J. Feist, Electric Superintendent $73,428.68

William B. Coker, Electrical Engineer $62,841.74

Rex A. Behrends, City Engineer $89,446.76

Name, Title, Hourly rate

Steven L Printy, Code Enforcement Officer $19.87

Linda K Schindler, Secretary II $14.76

Shirley A Parde, Secretary II $15.13

Annette R Garton, Secretary II $17.09

Cathy C Roever, Account Clerk II $17.51

Cheryl L Honea, Police Officer $23.24

Brian L Carver, Police Sergeant $27.33

Benjamin J Hartmann, Police Officer 17.85

Anthony D Chisano, Police Officer $18.65

Zachary L Lauenstein, Police Officer $23.24

Robert W Mierau, Police Officer $23.24

Christine E Henrichs, Public Safety Dispatcher $17.72

Jennifer D Klaus, Police Officer $23.24

Jay D Murphy, Police Sergeant $27.33

Joseph M McCormick, Police Officer $21.28

Wesley M Henning, Police Sergeant $27.33

Ernest J Reiss, Police Officer $23.24

Colleen E Morabito, Police Officer $21.28

Daniel T Moss, Police Officer $18.65

Thomas Oelschlager, Police Officer $17.85

Kristine V Gill, Police Officer $21.28

Erin P Byrne, Police Officer $23.24

Susan J Sullivan, Public Safety Dispatcher $17.72

Robert Soldo, Police Officer $21.28

Douglas L Coon, Police Sergeant $26.16

Shane A Maloley, Police Officer $19.49

Desiree D Fritch, Lead PS Dispatcher $19.61

Traci J Baehr, Police Secretary $17.10

Garry J Munstermann, Public Safety Dispatcher $15.53

Edward A White, Public Safety Dispatcher $17.72

Fred Naumann, Public Safety Dispatcher $13.61

Russell N Jobman, Public Safety Dispatcher $17.72

Kerri J McGrury, Victim Assistance Coord $17.10

Shelena D Maguire, Public Safety Dispatcher $17.72

Michael R Arterburn, Firefighter $16.76

Aaron E Burger, Firefighter $16.76

Nathan D Koch, Firefighter $13.79

Craig L Fisher, Fire Captain EMTP $17.64

Julie R Compton, Firefighter EMTP $15.96

Jacob J Carrel, Fire Captain $17.65

Bryan D Jelinek, Firefighter EMTP $13.13

James R Young, Firefighter EMTP $13.79

Kevin D Weakland, Firefighter $16.76

Jeffrey W VanWinkle, Fire Captain EMTP $17.64

Lonnie L Litterick, Firefighter $14.48

David K Heckman, Firefighter EMTP $15.96

Jeffrey R Hays, Firefighter EMTP $15.96

Brett W Wells, Firefighter EMTP $13.79

Michael T Massey, Firefighter EMTP $15.20

Jennifer L Pollman, Landfill Attendant $14.40

Jered R Schaefer, Landfill Operator $15.52

Scott A McKernan, Landfill Operator $17.12

Robin R Williams, Facility Maint Mechanic $16.30

Ron B Manes, Maint Worker II $16.70

Steven L Bergmeier, Airport Supt Op/Maint $21.94

Travis S Klover, Airport Mechanic $20.88

Michael J Bergmeier, Airport Maint Tech $15.89

Jean M. VanLaningham, Secretary II $15.90

Linda M. Creevan, Account Clerk II $17.52

Kristine L. Anello, Account Clerk II $14.76

David Keedy, Maint. Worker I $14.41

Tracy L. Zabokrtsky, Account Clerk III $19.78

Jerry J. Dishman, Jr., Meter Reader/Service Worker $20.30

David T. Warneke, Meter Reader/Service Worker $21.32

Matthew J. Hanshaw, Maint. Worker II $16.71

Lance J. Borgman, Maint. Worker II $17.13

Jack E. Hansen, Maint. Worker II $17.52

Erin M. Saathoff, Administrative Assistant $16.70

Robert L. Wallman, Electric Tech I $20.31

Forest D. Freitag, Apprentice Lineman $17.14

Randy A. Fry, Operator II, WPC $19.34

Neal A. Meints, Maint. Worker III $19.83

Dallas E. Hanshaw, Maint. Worker III $20.83

Johnny L. Barta, Operator II, WPC $17.99

David D. Diehl, Operator II, WPC $17.99

Robert W. Kobes, Operator II, WPC $17.55

James M. Zabokrtsky, Storekeeper $23.52

Dallas E. Denton, Utilities Serviceman $20.32

Douglas E. Zulauf, Eng. Tech I $20.34

Michael P. Langley, Maint. Mech/Pump Operator $21.37

Jerry L. Carmichael, Compost Operator $20.83

Michael L. Lohmeyer, Utilities Maint. Worker II $19.39

Kevin D. Petersen, Utilities Maint. Worker II $19.39

Berri Q. Easley, Eng. Tech II $21.91

Richard A. Pomajzl, Maint. Worker IV $22.45

Dale D. Rickers, Utilities Maint. Worker II $24.74

Matt D. Strouf, 2nd Class Lineman $21.39

Wayne D. Rickers, Water Technician $25.99

Bryan L. McAllister, Utilities Maint. Worker III $24.14

Dean W. Kelch, Chief Plant Operator, WPC $22.48

Tommy G. Rudder, Utilities Maint. Worker III $24.77

Timothy J. Lineweber, Utilities Maint. Worker III $26.63

Dallas C. Burroughs, Working Foreman, Street $24.18

Dennis L. Langdale, Working Foreman, Water $28.66

Dale R Brase, Programmer/Analyst $26.64

Richard A. Erb, Jr., Electronics Tech I $28.70

Justin J. Jenkins, Journeyman Lineman $28.06

Brad L. Bletscher, Journeyman Lineman $28.72

Troy S. Bruna, Journeyman Lineman $28.72

Kirk A. Laue, Journeyman Lineman $28.72

Mark A. Schaaf, Journeyman Lineman $29.43

Jeremy J. Stephens, Journeyman Lineman $29.43

Jim Rupprecht, Distribution Foreman $33.26

Robert L. Wallen, Sub/Trans. Foreman $30.95

Jeremy D Seggerman, Firefighter EMTP $15.96

Corey J Lieneman, Firefighter EMTP $15.96

Darren D Allington, Firefighter $14.48

Nathan D Koch, Firefighter $14.48

Nicholas R Koch, Firefighter $15.20

Jeremiah W Yurka, Firefighter $13.79

Justin R Theasmeyer, Firefighter EMTP $13.79

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