Walter R. Arpke to Ronald D. and Betty L. Leners. Lot 3, Flowing Springs ninth addition of Beatrice. $119,000-$120,000.

Austin Realty Investments to Gage County Agricultural Society. Lots 48-61, McConnells subdivision of Beatrice. $59,000-$60,000.

Austin Realty Investments to Gage County Agricultural Society. Lots 32-34, McConnells subdivision of Beatrice. $37,000-$38,000.

Susan J. Soriente to Karen L. Thompson. Lot 13 in block 2, Northridge Manor addition of Beatrice. $107,000-$108,000.

Jessica Tjaden, Skyler Tjaden to Kimberly R. Henson. Lot 1-3 in block 6, Hoags addition of Wymore. $80,000-$81,000.

Kimberly R. Henson to Annette Barnard. Lot 7 and part of lot 6 in block 5, Mortons Acres second addition of Beatrice. $170,000-$171,000.

Gerane L. Drewes to Patricia and Ronald Buchinski. Lot 2 in block 3, Davison Village fourth addition of Beatrice. $113,000-$114,000.

Thomas C. and Michele L. Wheeler to Michael D. and Crystal Obbink. Lot I replat of lots 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, Ash Ridge addition of rural Gage County.

Ronald D. and Julie J. Hippen to Gail J. and Diane J. Barnard. Part of section 22, Midland Township. $153,000-$154,000.

Wan Suraya and Yadollah Kamelian to Alan A. and Lori L. Markowski. Lot 6 in block 3, Doctors Lake of rural Gage County. $264,000-$265,000.

Tyson L. and Erin E. Oden to Christina M. Mayer. Lot 12 in block 8, Dwyers addition of Beatrice. $79,000-$80,000.

Daniel J. and Lori A. Crawford, Tracy D. Crawford to Holtmeier Brothers, Inc. Part of section 3, Lincoln Township. $39,000-$40,000.

Darrell L. and Linda D. Buhr to Pamela R. Baker. Part of lot 10, Greens A.L. subdivision of Beatrice. $24,000-$25,000.

Marie C. Wescott to Tyler J. and Nicole C. Bursovsky. Lots 4-7 in block 7, first addition of Filley. $79,000-$80,000.

John R. and Jane E. Jenkins to Donald C. and Joyce R. Jenkins. Part of section 19, Island Grove township. $20,000-$21,000.

Dennis J. Janecek to Kem L. Apfelbeck. Part of lot 5, original town of Clatonia. $32,000-$33,000.

Barbara K. Mailahn to Christopher M. and Jackie L. Lyons. Lots 5-8 in block 6, Scotts second addition to Wymore. $3,000-$4,000.

Michael R. and Erin E. Greenwood to Jason and Elizabeth Desotel. Lot 4 and part of lot 3 in block 17, Smith Bros. addition of Beatrice. $130,000-$131,000.

Brett A . and Sherri S. Stanley to Nathan A. and Ashley L. Miller. Lot 13, 14 in block 12, Sumpters addition to Adams. $163,000-$164,000.

J&G Rentals to James Jameson. Part of section 11, Island Grove Township. $112,000-$113,000.

J&G Rentals to Gary L. Frerichs. Part of section 11, Island Grove Township. $36,00-$37,000.

Larry D. and Laura D. Rhodes to Nicole Covey. Lot 2 in block 9, Barneys first subdivision of Beatrice. $106,000-$107,000.

Kenyon T. Matthes and Krista K. Matthes to Jeffrey R. and Michelle J. Stander. Part of section 35, Nemaha Township. $64,000-$65,000.

Loren H. and Maxine Trauernicht to Scott A. and Denielle E. Trauernicht. Part of section 26, Sicily Township. $159,000-$160,000.

Patricia Masek to Emmett H. Carnes Jr. and Brenda H. Carnes. Lot 9, Flowing Springs ninth addition of Beatrice. $195,000-$196,000.

Shirley J. and James O. Ebbeling to Matthew C. Petersen. Part of lots 6, 7 in block 4, Dwyers addition of Beatrice. $139,000-$140,000.

Molnar Investments LLC to John R. Rushing. Lot 24 North Sunset addition of Beatrice. $51,000-$52,000.

John A. Hier to Elmer R. and Kelley A. Hanover. Lot 7, 8 in block 3 Cortland. $159,000-$160,000.

Farmers and Merchants Bank to David and Linda Baehr. Lot 11, 12 Standards subdivision of Adams. $69,000-$70,000.

Steven L. Armstrong to E-Z Farms Inc. Part of lot 1, 2 in block 11, Barneys first subdivision of Beatrice. $59,000-$60,000.

Mildred E. Samuskewicz to Paul A. and Jacqueline D. Borekofski. Lot 5, 6 in block 2, Hoags addition of Wymore. $3,000-$4,000.

Dean L. Doyle and Phyllis F. Doyle to Ronald and Cindy Satterfield. Part of section 7, Riverside township. $19,000-$20,000.

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