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Beatrice police arrested a man accused of stealing tools and other items from a Beatrice storage unit.

Kaleb Mullen, 23, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of burglary, possession of burglar's tools and theft by receiving stolen property.

The burglary was reported Wednesday evening at A5 Storage, located at 409 Sargent St. in Beatrice.

A worker who had reviewed security footage said he believed Mullen was responsible for taking items from one of the storage units, which was previously reported to police.

Security footage allegedly showed Mullen unloading a chainsaw box, toolbox and other items and a storage unit of his. These items were consistent with those reported stolen from another storage unit.

Footage revealed a man with a bandana covering his face, but a haircut consistent with Mullen's. A vehicle with a missing hub cap was also seen, and consistent with Mullen's car.

Police were granted a search warrant for Mullen's storage unit. While en route, police conducted a traffic stop and observed several tools and bolt cutters on the front seat of the vehicle.

Mullen allegedly admitted to police he stole the tool box, and denied knowledge about the chainsaw.

Police conducted an inventory of the vehicle and recovered a chainsaw and other items reported stolen.

Mullen's bond was set at $25,000 with a 10 percent deposit.



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