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All offenses in addition to $49 court fees.

County Court


Susanne . Moderow, 54, Lincoln, $75; Alexander J. Berry, 18, Beatrice, $75; Martha C. Feit, 58, Barneston, $75; Roger W. Rogge, 69, Tecumseh, $125; Michael D. Vian, 28, Omaha, $25; Sebastian Chavez-Shirley, 17, Omaha, $200; Britney A. Hovendick, 18, Beatrice, $25; Zachary W. Conz, 21, Beatrice, $125; Savanna J. Binnick, 17, Blue Springs, $200; Danielle M. Solary, 30, Wymore, $25; Andrew M. Cramer, 18, Beatrice, $200; Austin J. Reed, 18, Beatrice, $200; Steven J. Rall, 65, Lincoln, $75.

Stop sign violation:

Kaitlyn P. Copas, 19, Beatrice, $75.

No operator’s license:

Austin J. Reed, 18, Beatrice, $75.

No valid registration:

Chad D. Coblentz, 34, Williamsburg, Iowa, $25.

Negligent driving:

Sannuel A. Ridgley, 42, Crab Orchard, $40.


Devon M. Swoboda, 21, 225 S. 21st St. Criminal mischief $500-$1,500. Guilty plea entered. Hearing set for April 10.

Shelby L. Piening, 19, 203 S. 16th St. Criminal mischief $500-$1,500. Guilty plea entered. Hearing set for April 10.

Natasha M. Leach, 18, 225 S. 21st St. Criminal mischief $500-$1,500. Guilty plea entered. Hearing set for April 10.

Brian L. McLaughlin, 59, 603 N. Eighth St., Wymore. Possession of marijuana, not guilty plea entered. Possession of drug paraphernalia, guilty plea entered. Trial and sentencing set for April 26.

Sonya D. Ertl, 39, 3880 W. Apple Road, Cortland. No rabies vaccination. Not guilty plea entered. Bench trial set for April 13.

Kyle S. O’Day, 30, 4621 Cooper Ave., Lincoln. No proof of ownership, no valid registration, failure to appear. Guilty plea entered. Sentencing set for April 10.

William C. Weddington, 45,1200 S. Eighth St. Third-degree assault. No contest plea entered. Sentencing set for May 8.


David E. Barrett 33, 911 N. 10th St. $100 for driving under suspension.

Shawn A. Fralin, 46, 1540 Jefferson St. $100 for driving under suspension.

Tamela A. Chodosh, 60, 711 Lincoln St. $100 for attempt of a class 2 misdemeanor.

Tyler W. Eggert, 34, 1506 Bell St. $100, license revoked one year for driving under suspension.

Sharla R. Steelman, 24, 5042 E. Sargent Road. $150 for shoplifting.

Christopher L. Packett, 38, 1800 Scott St. $100 for leaving the scene of an accident.

Shawn J. Hatfield, 44, 304 E. Second St., Superior. $100 for driving under suspension.

Austin Reed, 18, 1508 Market St. $75 for no operator’s license, $40 for exhibition of acceleration.


William C. Weddington, 45,1200 S. Eighth St. Use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony. Dismissed without prejudice.


Jessica M. Leach, 34, 2418 W. First St., Grant Island. Second offense DUI-drugs, two counts possession of a controlled substance, driving under suspension. Continued to April 3.

Christina A. Devor, 28, 411 E. First St., Blue Springs. Driving under suspension. Continued to April 3.

Madison D. Carlson, 19, 1014 N. Sixth St. Two counts distribution of marijuana to a minor, use of a juvenile to distribute a controlled substance, possession of drug money, two counts contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of marijuana more than one ounce. Continued to April 3.

Larenda L. Simmons, 27, 539 W. Ella St. Driving under suspension. Continued to April 17.

Jonathon J. Rodgers, 27, 410 S. Fourth St., Hopkins, Mo. Shoplifting. Continued to May 10.

Paul D. Evans-Harris, 27, 436 N.W. 16th St., Lincoln. Possession of liquid codeine, obtain a controlled substance by fraud, driving under suspension. Continued to May 8. Zackary J. Bokelman, 25, 711 Lincoln St. Theft by deception $500-$1,500. Continued to April 17.

Austin J. Meyn, 20, 1001 Lincoln St. Possession of Vyvanse with intent to distribute, possession of Alprazolam, possession of Lorazepan, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia. Continued to April 5. 

Austin J. Meyn, 20, 823 N. Fifth St. Theft by receiving stolen property, criminal mischief. Continued to April 5. 


Jonathan W. Philippi, 49, 521 N/ 11th St. Distribution of marijuana. Bound to District Court May 2.

Marriage Licenses

James A. Brinker, 37, Beatrice to Shauna L. Meyer, 23, Beatrice.

Tyler J. Reese, 21, Beatrice to Diamond A. Crouse, 21, Beatrice.

Jeremy D. Hill, 35, Beatrice to Stephanie A. Johnson, 28, Beatrice.

James L. Orton, 34, Beatrice to Ashley O’Keefe, 27, Beatrice.

Travis B. Kujath, 20, Wymore to Jasmine C. Henthorne, 20, Wymore.

Lance E. Buss, 27, Beatrice to Hailee M. Phelps, 23 Beatrice.

Kip A. Strouf, 33, Swanton to Natalie K. Morehead, 31, Swanton.

Bryce J. Hernsmeier, 24, DeWitt to Jami L. Mann, 24, Beatrice.

David J. Whaley, 45, Beatrice to Shauna A. Elstun, 42, Beatrice.

Reid M. Baumgartner, 24, Beatrice to Hanah M. Barnard, 23, Beatrice.


Billy D. Cook to Rebecca M. Cherny. Lot 10-12 in block 29, original town of Wymore. $4,000-$5,000.

Richard A. and Jodi G. Dorn to Richard A. Dorn Jr. and Donna M. Dorn. Part of section 20, Blue Springs/Wymore township. $11,000-$12,000.

Carol A. and Phillip Teggart to John L. and Pamela J. Russell. Lot 1, Alberts and Jurgens addition to Filley. $63,000-$64,000.

Walter L. and Virginia G. Haecker to Mosaic. Lot 5 and part of lot 4 in block 6, Paddocks addition of Beatrice. $204,000-$205,000.

Goossen Construction Inc. to Leigh M. and Marilyn L. Coffin Lot 3 in block 3, Covered Bridge Heights sixth addition of Beatrice. $29,000-$30,000.

Crystal Obbink to Cole E and Denise E. Moore Part of lots H, I, J, replat of lots 1, 3-6 Ash Ridge addition of section 14, Nemaha township. $380,000-$381,000.

Leonard Kaster to Laurence C. and Jennifer J. Bay. Lot 15 and part of lots 14, 16 in block 10, original town of Filley. $19,000-$20,000.

Mary Jane and Kenneth C. Greenwood, Carol S. and Kerman L. Copeland, Linda E. and James R. Ehlers to Randy G. and Melissa K. Saathoff. Lots 1-4, 9-12 in block 9, original town of Holmesville. $22,000-$23,000.

Lea Straw to Darwin E. Davis and Donna L. Kinney. Lot 9, south Beatrice $13,000-$14,000.

Christine and Wayne Huls to Darwin E. Davis and Donna L Kinney. Lot 9, South Beatrice. $13,000-$14,000.

Cheyanne Swarthout to Darwin E. Davis and Donna L Kinney. Lot 9, South Beatrice. $13,000-$14,000.

James P. Norris to Austin L. Cookus and Angelene J. izer. Lot 3 in block 10, Hinkles addition of Wymore. $17,000-$18,000.

Eric D. and Andrea Janssen to Jana Kendall. Part of lots 4-6 in block 4, Barneys first subdivision of Beatrice. 108,000-$109,000.

Samuel G. Wright Jr. and Judy K. Wright to James D. and Robyn L. Engel. Part of section 25, Midland township. $97,000-$98,000.

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