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Gage County deputies arrested a man for multiple offenses after he refused to comply with tests during a DUI investigation.

Daniel L. Shibley, 24, was arrested for second offense DUI, driving with no license, refusing a preliminary breath test and refusing to submit to a chemical test.

Gage County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to an injury accident on Highway 4, west of West Juniper Road.

The driver said he’d never had a driver’s license, according to Gage County Court documents.

Deputies noted he had watery, red eyes and informed officers he has a DUI charge pending in court from another incident. He also allegedly said multiple times that he should not have been driving.

When asked if he knew which direction Beatrice was, documents state he pointed toward Fairbury and thought it was around 4 o’clock, when the time was actually shortly before midnight.

He told deputies he drank 12 beers.

Shibley then refused to submit to tests and was placed under arrest.



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