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Gage County deputies are investigating an unauthorized grave marker that was found in southeastern Gage County.

Liberty Cemetery Board members notified the Gage County Sheriff’s Office of an unauthorized dig at the Liberty Cemetery west of town.

Deputies and an investigator from the sheriff’s office, after obtaining guidance from the Gage County Attorney’s Office, met with the board members at the cemetery and were shown the site, which was a small marker on a freshly dug site.

According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, the marker consisted of a wooden cross with the word “Faith” etched into the wood horizontally. There were also two metal poles on each side of the arms of the cross and tangled garden wire on each arm for decoration.

The board members told deputies the marker was not authorized and was at the location of a purchased but unoccupied plot and appeared to have been placed there recently.

Officials believe the marker was placed there sometime in the past week, due to recent snowfall.

The investigator and deputy dug at the site, however the only items in the ground were a couple books, a concrete base about the size of a coffee can, and some children’s toys. No human or animal remains were found.

The Liberty Cemetery Board expressed concern that someone would have placed a marker on a plot owned by someone else, according to the press release, and the board members are willing to help anyone who might be in need of assistance regarding funeral arrangements.

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