The Hevelone Center for Performing Arts stage was full of monsters, teenagers from the 1950s, nearly every Disney character imaginable and, of course, well dressed Beatrice High School students on Tuesday night.

The First Edition and Limited Edition show choirs sang, danced and had several costume changes to showcase their work and give a send off to the seniors.

The students were good sports, as the program was held out of order due to a soccer game delay.

"What you have in your program is everything that’s going to be performed," Kelly Meyer, the choir director, said. "We’ve got some soccer players up in Lincoln, and the game before the Beatrice game went into overtime. So they’re on their way back. We’ve got some girls that are in First Edition that really want to perform."

Kelley explained that Limited Edition went through some other hiccups this semester, as well.

"Limited Edition this year went to three competitions," Meyer said. "We had five scheduled. One of them, we ran into a conflict with state cheer and dance competitions, and the other one we got weathered out. Imagine that. We had good showings at all three of our competitions, and it’s been a really, really good group."

Several seniors performed solos, including Cole Crandall, Chloey Fry, Silas Jurgens, Blaine Kujath, Steven Powers, Hannah Rinne, John Spilker, Alfie Steele and Gerin Zimmerman.

Each choir had three costume changes throughout the night, with Limited Edition changing into sparkly silver dresses and navy tuxes to sing "Troublemaker" and "Paint it Black," and dressed as Disney characters to sing songs from "Beauty and the Beast," "Mary Poppins" and "Lilo and Stitch," to name a few. First Edition turned into Shrek, Ninja Turtles, Eeyores and other Halloween costumes to sing "Transylvania Mania." Several songs were accompanied by Jazz Band students.

Both choirs changed into choir shirts and jeans, as the underclassmen presented each senior - in both choir and jazz band - with a rose. Both choirs then performed "Stand in the Light," causing several seniors to become teary eyed.

After the concert, the seniors thanked Meyer by giving him a couple gifts.

“We are very bad about talking when we’re not supposed to," one senior said. "So Mr. Meyer does this thing where he sits on his stool, and he just looks at us. We think after our year, we probably are wearing that stool out, so we thought it was probably time to get a new waiting stool for Mr. Meyer from the class of 2019."

Another student explained that while sitting on the stool, Meyer would time them on his phone.

"So instead of getting your phone out, we thought we’d save you the trouble, and we got you a stopwatch," he said.

Jazz Band Director Andrew Johnson was also thanked with snacks and a gift card, while accompanist Beth Engels was given flowers.


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