Beatrice Public Schools’ superintendent Jason Alexander and student council members from Beatrice Middle School received a $1,725 check at Walmart on Tuesday.

The money was raised through a 12-pack Powerade promotion at the local store over the summer, with a portion of each sale going towards the district.

The check was presented by Walmart Store Manager Mick Schroeder and Nicole Walker, a Market Development Manager for Coca-Cola, the company that manufactures Powerade.

Alexander said the money will go towards “environmental improvements” for students.

“Whether it be anti-bullying campaigns, or whether it be helping understand each other, building character and respect, that’ll be what we put the money towards,” Alexander said.

Alexander said BPS currently partners with Coca-Cola by selling products at concession stands and school vending machines.

Walker said this is the second time Coca-Cola has done a promotion through Walmart for BPS, and that they have also done a promotion for Crete Public Schools.

“We’re greatly appreciative of the relationship we have with Coke and Walmart, and appreciate what they do to help our kids,” Alexander said.


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