LEWISTON -- Kindergarten through sixth grade students at Lewiston Consolidated School entered the gym Tuesday night to find that it had been transformed into Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, chocolate fountain and all.

Students and their families played games with Everlasting Gobstoppers, Fizzy Lifting Drinks and lickable wallpaper. The games were centered around Varuca Salt, Mike Teevee, Agustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde and Charlies’ adventures exploring Wonka’s factories.

Students won Golden Tickets, which they could trade in at the chocolate fountain for Wonka Chocolate Bars and other candies.

Throughout the night, two Oompa Loompas shot off party poppers and chose students to pick a free book to take home.

The whole event was part of the Title I Reading Program’s Family Literacy Night.

Title I Reading is a program that provides additional reading instruction for students that need extra help learning.

Shelley Kirk, the title I interventionist teacher at Lewiston as well as the coordinator for the event, said she decided to make the event “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” because her fifth and sixth grade students are reading it.

Kirk said the kindergarten through sixth grade students helped put the games together, and several high school students contributed and volunteered with games.

“High schoolers made the boat and bridge in woods class,” Kirk said. “They also made all of the cakes and brownies and cupcakes in family and consumer science.”

Kirk said the Lewiston staff all volunteered in some capacity. She specifically mentioned the Oompa Loompas, Caroline Rowland and Brenda Nouzvosky, who are regularly the schools’ nurse and secretary.

“They went above and beyond. I bought their wigs for them, and that’s it. They did everything else. I just couldn’t believe it,” Kirk said.


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