Students received an unexpected day off after a power outage affected the western part of Beatrice.

"We had a piece of substation equipment that went bad and caused the substation to trip offline," said Pat Feist, Beatrice electric superintendent.

Feist said the substation is located on U.S. Highway 136, near Southeast Community College.

The power went off around 10:35a.m. 

Bob Morgan, SCC’s Beatrice campus director, said students were excused from their 10 a.m. class once they were informed the power would remain down for a period of time.

The power was restored around 11:30 a.m., and SCC resumed schedule at noon.

Beatrice Community Preschool was also affected by the outage, and canceled their afternoon classes.

"We’re still doing some preliminary investigation on what we’ll need to repair and replace," Feist said Thursday afternoon.

Feist said at that time that all customers were back online, and were temporarily been moved to a separate substation until repairs are finished.

Feist said didn't believe the outage was caused by Wednesday night's thunder storm.


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