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    Another week down, but my weight is not. Three weeks in a row I've stayed the same, the scale sitting on the same ole numbers. In those three …

      Last week I gained. This week I only lost half a pound. I'm disappointed to say the least, but who am I disappointed in? Myself, that's who. W…

        Fitness Challenge is an intense, 13-week challenge which includes a nutrition program for each contestant and three personal training sessions…

          The fifth season of the Fitness Challenge kicked off this past week at Anytime Fitness and Husker Health.

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            You might say getting healthy is part of Wendi Strein’s 10-year-plan. And this is the 10th year.

              Marae Zimmerman has struggled with her weight for as long as she can remember, but the past year has been the worst.

                There was a time when John Niemeier simply figured he was meant to be big.

                  Once Mark Billesbach sets his mind to something, he usually accomplishes it.

                    He wears a size 22 shoe, pants with an 85-inch waistband and he’s furry from head to toe.

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