ADAMS -- Freeman Public Schools will begin the search for a new superintendent following an announcement that Randy Page is leaving his position.

Page, who has been Freeman’s superintendent since 2009, will leave in June. He said it was time for a change and isn’t sure what the future will hold for him.

“This is my 10th year with Freeman Public Schools and I am grateful for every one of them,” he said. “It has been so important for me to be able to come back to my home community and try to give back a little, being from a place that gave me so much.”

Page is a 1984 graduate of Adams High School. He was superintendent at Cross-County Public Schools starting in 2005 before returning to Adams.

He was also an elementary principal at Malcolm Public Schools for six years and an elementary teacher before that. Page also was the director of special education services at Malcolm.

Reflecting on his time as Freeman’s superintendent, Page said he’s proud of the work faculty and students have done.

“Currently, we have really been able to expand the options that kids have at Freeman and I really think that’s manifested itself in the scores we’ve been able to produce as a district,” he said. “At the end of the day it’s all about delivering programming to help kids, families and communities get better. I feel we’ve been able to expand that programming to give students the ability to flourish.”

Additionally, Page said there have been multiple upgrades of note to school facilities to improve the student experience.

“We’ve been able to affect our facilities both inside and outside in a very progressive way that supports our programming and gives kids fantastic options, whether with technology, with outdoor areas or with additional indoor areas we’ve built.”

Page said the district is starting its search for his replacement and he wishes the district luck in the future.

“I’m so appreciative for the time I’ve had,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed my time here and wish Freeman the very best moving forward. I’m excited to see what the next chapter is for me and my family.”

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