Beatrice Middle School instituted a ninth-period activity or enrichment time  last school year and it continues to be a popular choice for students.

The period runs for 3:15-3:45 p.m., and each quarter there are new classes to choose.

During the third quarter there are 18 opportunities with an average of four per day of classes that students choose.

“We have choir, yoga, coding, football history, a couple of book clubs, and an agriculture literacy class, among several others,” said Pam Henning, Beatrice Middle School Assistant Principal.

“We also have jigsaw puzzle and board games classes. It’s kind of a lost art and it’s fun to see kids working together to solve problems and have conversations with friends."

Henning said the school implemented the enrichment program so students to have a place to go to feel like they belong. She said data shows that kids who are engaged will do better with attendance and grades. 

“The second reason for doing this was it allowed for teachers to have more time for individual intervention time with students that needed extra help and encouragement,” Henning said.

“If students did not sign up for a class, they always have the option of going and asking if there is space for them in a class. If they’re waiting for the bus, they will often play board games or sit in groups and talk."

Matt Anderson, an eighth grader, attends an activity most quarters.

“I like to learn different things and sometimes the teachers bring snacks," he said.

Classes are offered by Beatrice Middle School teachers and community members.

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