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Two Gage County bridges are in need of repairs this year or face the possibility of being closed.

The County Board of Supervisors discussed these bridges at Wednesday’s meeting, where Highway Superintendent Galen Engel said the bridge just south of Clatonia, on S.W. 100th Road, is in bad shape.

“The fracture and critical inspection came back on that again, and on the beams underneath the bridge that support the deck, there’s severe rusting going on,” he said. “In some places, it’s actually rusted through the girders underneath that. Basically, to keep the bridge open, we’ve got to go in there and do some temporary repairs on it.”

The 96-foot-long bridge is about ½ mile south of Clatonia.

County Board Chairman Myron Dorn said Mainelli Wagner and Associates, the engineering firm Gage County contracts with, will assist in planning for the needed repairs.

“Mainelli’s going to come up with a plan to do temporary repairs,” Dorn said. “This structure, we do need to get it in the program to get it replaced. One of these days, if we don’t do something, the state will come in through their inspections and close it down is what’s going to happen. It’s something we’ve got to do the repair work on this spring.”

Dorn added the bridge is included on the county’s one-year and six-year road and bridge plans that will be discussed at upcoming meetings.

“Due to the inspection, there’s concerns and they’ve given us a report on it, and Mainelli is going to come up with a plan to keep that bridge open,” Dorn said. “However, as we’ve had discussion at our committee meeting, there is enough concern with that bridge it needs to be put on our one-year plan.”

Board member John Hill added that a bridge south of Holmesville is having similar issues related to rust. Engel said that bridge isn’t in as bad of shape, but will still need attention.

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