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A second Gage County Supervisor has filed for re-election to the County Board in 2018.

Gary Lytle, a Republican, is seeking a third term on the board in next year’s election.

Lytle represents the general northeastern portion of Beatrice as the county’s district 6 representative.

He said that seeing through the ongoing legal saga of the Beatrice 6 case is a primary reason he wants another four years on the board.

“I kind of told myself that I would see the Beatrice 6 thing through and there’s a couple of different things I want to see through,” he said. “The Beatrice 6 was a deal I wanted to see all the way through. It’s looking right now like the tougher stuff is what’s coming up.”

Another issue Lytle is passionate about is the Gage County Detention Center, and its issues with capacity.

At times this year, Gage County has been responsible for more than double the number of inmates the jail can hold, prompting contracts with facilities in other counties and Kansas to house those Gage County doesn’t have room for.

Lytle doesn’t see the capacity issues ending, and said he wants to be a part of the ongoing discussions to try and remedy the situation.

“At this point, with the some of the different bills and things the state is doing to push prisoners and different stuff back on the counties, we’re in a spot,” Lytle said. “In the sheriff’s department, with the numbers we’re showing in jails and stress that’s putting on the sheriff’s office and jailers, that’s another item I’d like to see through. I don’t know what the answer is to be honest, but there are different options we need to look (at) as a community.”

He said being a member of the board that completed a project to pave Hickory Road has been one accomplishment since his first term.

Lytle coaches the Beatrice High School softball team and is also involved with 4-H.

He served one term on the Beatrice City Council before running for the County Board, and hopes to continue serving the community.

“I’m proud of my community,” he said. “I’ve lived in or close to Beatrice all my life, except for when I was in college out at UNK. I want to see the best for our community and I enjoy it. I feel like I’m giving back to the community with the stuff we’re doing.”

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