A group of girls were giving the term “making memories” a whole new meaning during the Gage County 4-H fashion show on Monday.

Beatrice High School was full of vibrant, floral outfits created by the 4-H students

Emily Rempel, an incoming junior at Beatrice, said it was a chore to create her jumpsuit.

“It was really hard trying to fit this bodice together and overlay correctly, and I had to put snaps on it so it didn’t fall apart,” Rempel said.

Ashtyn Humphreys, incoming senior at Diller-Odell, said she also faced several challenges.

“Some with sewing it together and trying to get elastic to fit, or making the shoulder line right on the dresses,” Humphreys said.

The girls modeled their outfits while judges marked their presentation, fit and appearance, and they were judged separately depending on the level of difficulty.

They also had a chance to compete in Shopping in Style, where outfits had to be styled under a certain price point and were judged on consumer aspects, or Decorate your Duds, where garments were revamped with things like buttons and lace.

Joleen Huneke, superintendent for the clothing division of the 4-H, said it’s been neat seeing how everyone’s skills grow over the years.

“You see these girls be creative with the fabrics they buy, with the patterns they select, and it kind of matches what’s going on in the garment industry and what’s popular now,” Huneke said. “So that is really neat that they’re able to keep an eye on that and be able to bring it into their own wardrobe.”

A group of the 4-H members as part of the Teen Fashion Board got to assemble outfits from the Bargain Box. The Second Time Around purchase created challenges like finding pieces that matched and fit, so many girls helped each other search.

All of the outfits were presented at the fashion show in the Hevelone Center, where the judgments from earlier were announced.

Humphreys and Rempel were both chosen to compete at the Nebraska State Fair on September 2, with Kate Osterhaus of Firth as an alternate.

Payton Smidt of Beatrice was also chosen to compete in the Shopping in Style Fashion Show, with Humphreys as an alternate.

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