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Timothy Erks

Timothy Erks

A Liberty man was arrested Wednesday on two counts of failure to register as a sex offender.

Timothy Erks, 23, was arrested by Gage County Sheriff’s deputies on Feb. 28 on a warrant for violating the Nebraska Sex Offender Registration Act.

Erks, who in 2015 was sentenced to two years in prison for sexually assaulting children, was arrested for living or staying at addresses that he hadn’t reported to the sheriff’s office, as required under the sex offender act.

The arrest warrant issued for Erks on Feb. 15 said that the Gage County Sheriff’s Office began a month-long investigation containing emails, voicemails and reports from citizens, Diller-Odell Public School District, the Superior Police Department, the Odell Village Marshal’s Office and Erks’ employer, which indicated that he was in violation of the sex offender registration act.

The warrant said that Erks had been occasionally staying at one residence in Superior and another in Odell. Both residences had children in them and Erks may have been left alone in the company of the children before the owners knew of his sex offender status, the warrant said.

In January of 2015, Erks was sentenced to two years in prison for crimes committed in June of 2013. Three additional charges were dropped due to a plea agreement, with the two remaining charges being class 1 misdemeanors. One year on each count was the maximum allowed sentence for the charges.

According to Court documents, a 6-year-old told police Erks put his hand in her pants and underwear when she was five. She said she told Erks “no,” and tried to pull away, but he was too strong for her.

A 16-year-old reported that Erks performed sex acts on her as many as 20 times when she was 7-8 years old and he was 9-10 years old. When she told him to stop, the affidavit states, Erks blackmailed her into continuing.

A 12-year-old girl said that when she was five, Erks attempted to have sex with her in a shed and allegedly removed her clothes. She also told authorities that Erks had exposed his genitals to her and several others when she was seven. Erks was 11 and 13 during the alleged incidents.

A 15-year old female reported that Erks made several sexual advances towards her when she was 13, explaining how they could have sex and not get caught. She told investigators she refused his advances.

She also said when she was 13, Erks began tickling her in a bedroom and used his hand to advance on her sexually. The report states the girl struck a wall several times trying to get someone else’s attention and she tried to move away from Erks.

The girl also said that Erks allegedly exposed himself to her when he was 17 and she was 14.

Erks will have his first appearance in court on Friday morning to face the two new charges.


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