A 54-year-old Liberty woman was sent to prison on Thursday for her role in selling methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house.

Cindy A. Forke was sentenced to prison in Gage County District Court by Judge Rick Schreiner, despite a joint recommendation from defense and prosecuting attorneys for probation.

“I set up here quite often dealing with methamphetamine cases,” Schreiner said. “Simple possession, I see what it does to people’s lives. You are one of those individuals who is engaged in the business of selling poison to others in this community.”

Before pronouncing the sentence Schreiner discussed Forke’s past criminal history, including a 6-8 year prison sentence in 2002 for distribution of a controlled substance.

“You know what you’re doing, and honestly right now this is just the price of paying poker for you, prison,” he said.

Schreiner sentenced Forke to 6-8 years in prison for attempted distribution of methamphetamine and three months prison for maintaining a drug house, which will be served concurrently.

Forke was one of six people arrested last September when authorities conducted a probation search at 109 Eighth St. in Liberty.

Schreiner said that during the search authorities found 40.3 grams of methamphetamine, multiple scales, hundreds of baggies, more than $1,800 in cash and 20.7 grams of another substances that tested negative for methamphetamine.

Arrest documents indicated the substance was being added to the real methamphetamine to increase profits, a theory Schreiner said Forke denied when being interviewed.

“One of your statements in the presentence investigation was that you were upset that the characterization of that substance was something that you were using to cut your methamphetamine,” Schreiner said. “That wasn’t true. You said you always sell good meth. That was a statement you made, you always sell good meth.”

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