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Lincoln Elementary kindergarten roundup

Lincoln Elementary Principal Kevin Janssen greets student to kindergarten roundup Aug. 8. 

Lincoln Elementary took a different approach this year when welcoming new students into the halls at their kindergarten roundup on Wednesday.

“We’re doing it a little different this year because we went to level buildings, so we have our parent meeting in the spring, and today is just for the kids,” Lincoln Elementary Principal Kevin Janssen said.

The goal of kindergarten roundup is to help students become more comfortable in their learning environment. The students walk in and have their first encounter with their principal. Janssen directs the children and parents to the kindergarten hall where the children find their teachers.

This process helps the students be able to warm up to their teachers and classmates.

Kindergarten teacher Shana Ensz said having the parent meeting in the spring helps students at roundup to understand that the teachers and parents are familiar with each other.

“It helps the child understand we have a relationship with their family because we already met the parents in May, so it makes the school to home gap a little smaller,” Ensz said.

Participating in roundup can help the children feel more at ease when coming to the first day of school. Having met teachers and students beforehand gives the children a better start to what Janssen calls the foundation to their academic career.

“It helps some of the kids being able to be here to get rid of some of the nervousness, such as being able to put a familiar face with a name,” Janssen said.

According to Janssen, Lincoln Elementary is expected to have a 95 percent turnout rate for this year’s Rroundup.  Kindergarten teacher Shana Ensz said the children that do show up to this event have a little bit of an advantage when starting the new school year.

“The kids that come to roundup already have those beginning pieces out of the way, they have gotten to see their classrooms, their lockers, their chair,” Ensz said.

Coming to roundup also helps students get a jump start on their relationships with their peers. Janssen said it is nice to see children who might have met in other activities see each other again. Ensz said ideally the kids come on the first day with a friend in mind, which helps them transition a little easier.

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